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| July 19, 2017

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About Us -

Hello Everyone My name is Ty Johnson, I am the owner and author of Filipino Recipes Nook.  My wife Loureen is the one who makes all of the “Loureen’s” Dishes on the site.

She is an amazing cook, and an amazing woman.  You might say my wife and I are more than just a couple we are just about joined at the hip.  We go everywhere &  do everything together.

We own our own business, nothing huge just a small purified water business here in the Philippines where we live.

We also have a small Coke a Cola distributorship, again nothing huge just do some local delivers for Stores in our area.  We run both of these business out of our house, so we are pretty much always together.

I designed this site to be an easy way for people to share Filipino Recipes, I want people to feel free to use the site as much as they like.  Cooking is an absolute passion of mine and Loureen’s and we wanted to share that with the rest of the world.

I truly hope you enjoy this website and please tell all of your friends to check us out.

I love feed back and comments so please please please leave comments even if it is just to say a dish looks good but especially if you make the dish I would really appreciate your comments.

Thank you for visiting us here at Filipino Recipes Nook.