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| July 19, 2017

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Filipino Cooking Utensils

Filipino Cooking Utensils

| On 27, Jan 2013

Filipino Cooking Utensils

Cooking Filipino food is surprisingly simple. All you need are the basic kitchen equipment and tools to get you going.

In a modern kitchen, one would need the following equipment:
1. Stove or range – For heating
2. Knives – For slicing or chopping of different ingredients to be used
3. Chopping boards – Used together with the knives as a hygienic board and also to protect counter tops from being scratched by the knives
4. Pots and pans – Different sizes of pots and pans used as a container for the food to be cooked
5. Spatula – Used for mixing and scooping
6. Whisks – Used for mixing and making liquid thick and frothy
7. Colander – For straining out water from vegetables and noodles
8. Measuring cups and spoons

However, in the olden times, there were other cooking utensils used. Here are some examples:


Kalan is the counterpart of a stove before. It is a bulbous clay stove that is shaped to have a wood-fire in their bellies while the pots and pans are held over the flames. The flames are controlled by the constant removal and replacement of coal to help adjust the heat. It can be a labor-intensive process.


Palayok are red clay pots used for boiling soup and steaming rice. Some Filipino restaurants still use palayoks in cooking and serving their food to give that authentic Filipino feel. Rice are traditionally cooked in palayoks with banana leaves lining the bottom of the pot and a pandan leaf is tucked in the grains just before it is cooked to add that fragrant pandan smell.


Kawalis are woks made of iron. They are used for almost everything from stir-frying to deep-drying; from braising to sautéing and making sauces! The kawali may also be used in steaming. The food Is wrapped in banana leaves and propped over boiling water.


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