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| July 19, 2017

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Loureen’s Filipino Crema De Fruta

Loureen’s Filipino Crema De Fruta

| On 18, Dec 2011

Loureen’s Filipino Crema De Fruta
Recipe Type: Desserts
Author: Loureen Johnson
Prep time: 20 mins
Total time: 20 mins
Warning: May Cause Addiction, actually I think all desserts should have that warning label =)
  • 3 packs of graham crackers (crush 3 Tbsp of the crackers)
  • 12oz (400ml) All purpose cream
  • 10oz (300ml) condensed milk
  • 16oz (500g) can of fruit cocktail
  • 1 jar 8oz (250g) of Nata De Coco (substitute cherries) if you don’t have access to the nata de coco. Mix this with the fruit cocktail
  • 8oz (250g) jar of kaong (these are just palm fruit) substitute dates if needed
  • 3 tbsp butter, softened
  1. Beat butter in a mixing bowl until smooth
  2. Add the cream & the condensed milk (mix well)
  3. prepare a 4 X 6 X 12 Pyrex Dish
  4. Line a layer of graham crackers on the bottom of the Pyrex Dish
  5. Spoon the syrup on the crackers until just wet
  6. Spoon a thin layer of the cream mixture on the wet crackers
  7. Top it with the fruit mixture
  8. Top again with cream mixture
  9. repeat this until the Pyrex Dish is full
  10. Sprinkle with the crushed graham crackers’
  11. Let sit in the fridge over night or until it’s firm

I try to always provide more easily accessible substitutions for items that may be hard to find outside the Philippines, if you ever have any questions about substitutions feel free to leave a comment


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  1. Jona Ranada

    Im a big fan of desserts and you are totally right about having the warning labels coz it can get very addictive!
    Im a filo and I dont know how to cook filo foods so I added this to my bookmark.. who knows I might just become a chef someday. thanks for sharing ur secret ingredients Ty! -Jona

    • Ty Johnson

      It’s my pleasure Jona, I am so happy that so many people are loving this website, thank you so much for your support.

  2. My husband and I are also dessert fans. We always try though to find new recipes that are relatively light. Today we are trying this one, since we have a few friends coming over. It seems to be delicious and light for the stomach. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

    • Ty Johnson

      You’re very welcome. I hope you will keep your eye on us here at Filipino Recipes Nook because we are working on updating to having videos of the recipes being made by us. We feel this will be a huge improvement for our fans. You will be able to watch the recipes being made, then use the print button to prit it off so you can carry it in the kitchen and make it for yourself.

      • That would be awesome Ty! Videos are really helpful and being able to print and have the recipes in the kitchen is even more great. I am one of those girls who love cooking but I don’t like having my recipes only in my computer, can not really use them that way. Keep up the great work you both do!

        • Ty Johnson

          You can already use the print button if you want to try one of the recipes =)